YG Republique TREC KL: Samgeori Butchers Iberico Pork Korean BBQ & K Pub

YG family is very much associated with music production and entertainment but their dining establishment under YG Foods – Samgeori Butcher’s and K Pub, has began coming into show, poise to entice the taste buds of food lovers with decent Korean food culture. Expect the brand to slowly, but surely, securing fame in F&B, both in Korea and internationally.

We first came across YG Samgeori Butchers in Hongdae during our autumn trip to Seoul in 2016. No chance to give it a try yet. Glad to know that they are now in Malaysia, setting up first branch at TREC KL – Kuala Lumpur popular nightlife spot. This is also their second oversea outlet after Show DC Bangkok, Thailand.

If you are aware with the appearance of K-pop band Big Bang’s member Seungri in one of the new restaurants launching in TREC KL back in August, that it is – YG Republique by YG Foods!

Rustic, modern vintage charm design, liven up with K-pop background music, a visit to YG Republique is more than just BBQ dining, but also an experience of dynamic Korean culture and entertainment. Remember to spot for a wall of signatures from Korean famous artists.

Samgeori Butchers Budae Jigae RM60

YG Republique is made up of two sections : Samgeori Butchers, or 3Geori Butcher’s – an authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant specializing in serving top-notch pork and beef cut; K-pub, a K-pop theme bar focuses on cocktails, soju, bar snacks, etc.

Food selections on Samgeori Butchers doesn’t span across pages, nor with large, thick cover menu book but rest assured, they stay true to quality over quantity, with dishes prepared from fresh, high quality ingredients.

Butcher’s Sampler Set (420g – 2 pax/RM170, 600g – 3 to 4 pax/RM210). Including salads and choice of Kimchi Jjigae/ Soy Bean Paste Soup/ Hot Pepper Soup

Here at 3Geori Butcher’s, forget about tough, dry and rather tasteless BBQ meat that put you in disappointment. Samgeori Butchers is all about premium cut meat – luscious Spanich Black Iberico pork. Finely chosen, cured in Cypress Pine and flavoured up with special sauces developed in house.

There are 4 types of meat – Iberico Belly, Iberico Shoulder, Iberico Neck and Iberico Abanico to choose from. Order separately, or go for the Butcher’s Sampler Set to get a taste of all 4 cuts in one go.

We shared a set among the 7 of us, along with few signature ala-carte dishes from YG Republique menu. Here you go – our Butcher’s Sampler, wrapped in nostalgic brown, newspaper-like wrapping!

Iberico Belly – balanced lean and fat meat; Iberico Shoulder – juicy, meaty; Iberico Neck – more chewy, with good proportion of fat to moisten up the overall texture; Iberico Abanico – a cut near to pork ribs, so expect a more succulent, tender bites. Our favourite? Iberico Neck and Abanico!

Butcher’s Pork Fried Rice RM50 for 2 pax
Big love to this Butcher’s Pork Fried Rice stir-fried with smoky diced pork, flavours accentuated with aged kimchi and chipotle sauce. Flavourful with subtle spiciness. Quite filling. Portion is generous and enough to feed four if you order other dishes too.

K-Pub Spicy Rice Cakes RM52
Spicy Rice Cakes from K-Pub menu. Sticky, chewy rice cakes, large slices of fish cakes and boiled eggs dressed in a bed of thick, rich, orange-red gravy. Pleasing sweetness with spiciness come through later – Classic take, yet an all-time-favourite.

K-Pub Red Chicken RM50/Medium, RM75/Large
One of our top recommendations. Deep fried chicken, shielding juicy, succulent meat under crispy, golden brown outer layer. Coat with spicy-sweet homemade sauce. K-Fried Chicken aka “chimac” and Garlic Sauce Chicken are available too. Make it complete with pints of beer!

In short, we really enjoy our dinner at YG Republique TREC KL. From the beautiful marbling, pinkish look meat before it is placed over sizzling hot grill to the excellent taste and texture after grilled – Iberico Pork from 3Geori Butcher’s really steal the show. If you are up for excellent Korean BBQ, this is the place you should go for.


H-G-01, H-G-02,
438 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
3Geori Butchers: 12PM-3PM(Lunch) / 6PM-2AM(Dinner)
​K Pub: 6PM-3AM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YGREPUBLIQUEKL/