Thong Kee Cafe Sea Park PJ 溏记海南茶室

We are regular customer of Thong Kee Kopitiam, Pandan Indah branch. Curry Mee from Jia Li Mian Pandan Jaya (Curry mee lovers, do check this out if you haven’t) and Kopi Peng from Thong Kee Pandan Indah are always perfect match for our weekend breakfast, when we are not on café hopping. LOL. Da Pao is the way to go, as the coffee shop is usually packed to the brim with people waiting to get a table, especially after 10AM.

Saw one of our friends posted a curry mee picture from Thong Kee Seapark few days back, which looked really delicious with the beautiful orange red broth. So intrigued and we decided to make a switch for coffee treat at Thong Kee Seapark last Saturday.

It was 10AM and as expected, the coffee shop was crowded. VERY-THE-PACKED. Difficult to get parking too. So there goes the beh pai seh routine when in a fully occupied kopitiam — Stand next to a table where customers are halfway eating, or seem almost finish eating; then quickly sit down once the customer left. Awkward but yah, is OK lah.

Thong Kee Kopitiam Seapark has more food varieties comparing to Pandan Indah branch, all looks not bad. Char Koay Teow, Pork Noodles, Yong Tau Fu, Chee Cheong Fan, Wantan Mee, Laksa, Curry Laksa, Prawn mee, Chicken Rice, Ma Lat Spicy Hot Noodles, Pan Mee, Nasi Lemak – common but Malaysian all-time-favourites.

We eye on the freshly deep fried, pipping hot chicken from the Nasi Lemak stall initially but ended up sticking to curry mee, as planned.

Promising broth, immersed with koay teow noodles, topped with long beans, bean sprouts, tofu, cockles, and pig skin. The soup was not bad, rich and flavourful with medium-spiciness, spicy aftertaste. Just the taste of curry powder was a little strong to us.

Char Koay Teow at RM6.50. Looked oily but actually not. More sticky wet version instead of dry style, not much wok hei though. Sadly, cockles weren’t so fresh that day. Other than these, it tasted quite alright surprisingly.

Thong Kee Signature 1+1 and Kopi Peng to go with our meal. There are few items in Thong Kee Kopitiam where you shouldn’t miss out – 1+1, Geng Chao Peng, Croissant with butter & kaya, half boiled egg, kaya butter toast. 1+1 is a drink made from kopi and teh, with lesser the proportion. Geng Chao Peng is actually Neslo, which is Nescafe + milo.

Overall review: We are yet to check out Thong Kee Aman Suria. So comparing both Pandan Indah and Seapark branch, the later has wider food choices. Pandan Indah Thong Kee has nice wanton mee, and Seapark Thong Kee has lovely curry mee, nasi lemak and other food that we would love to check out next time. Coffee wise, equally excellent for both branch.

Thong Kee Cafe Sea Park 溏记海南茶室

33, Jalan 21/1, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: 7AM – 4.30PM (Closed on Mondays)