Ruyi & Lyn BSC: Euro-Asian Pop Up Dining, by Chef Toni and Chef James

Chef Toni Ruiz, formerly of Michelin Star restaurants such as Celler de Can Roca and Mugarits, will be here in Ruyi & Lyn Bangsar Shopping Centre from 20 to 23 June 2018, teaming up with talented Chef James Ho from Ruyi & Lyn for a cross culture, eclectic 8-course menu!

The dinner menu, at the price of RM288 per pax, with bring you on a gastronomic journey, indulging into Euro-Asian wonders filled with creativity, specially crafted for this East meets West pop-up dining!

Sea caviar, Yuzu Essence, Crispy Baby Crab, by Chef James

Begin with this too-pretty-to-eat entree by Chef James. Squeeze in some Yusu essence, take a bit of everything, pop into the mouth in one go, and enjoy the myriad of textures. Popping bites of sea caviar, crunchiness of julienne cucumber, crispiness of baby crab, tangy sourness of yuzu sauce – taste good when comes together!

Eggplant confit, chlorophyll curry, pickled vegetable, by Chef Toni

Flavours that reminds us about Thai food, but more sophisticated in ingredients, tastes, preparation and of course, the presentation. So much win on the chlorophyll curry.

Red Prawn Carpaccio, De-construction Sarawak Laksa, by Chef Toni

We all agreed this is the coolest dish on our dinner in Ruyi & Lyn that night. Could hardly relate this to Sarawak Laksa if not told. Loud applause to Chef Toni on the creativity.

It looks nothing close to our Sarawak Laksa but taste wise, it does – the sauce actually packed a punch! Put some imagination and savour slowly, appreciate the flavours and you might start loving the unique concoction.

Pomfret, Doubled Boiled Soup, by Chef James

Nourishing double-boiled soup that warm the soul. Deep in flavours but light and clean on the palate. Chef has always been famous on churning out really good fish dish, same goes to this. Aweome pomfret texture, almost perfect with the soup. More surprise hidden beneath as we scoop down – it is chawanmushi!

Roast Pigeon, Marinated Roulade, Beetroot, Coconut Foam, by Chef Toni

First main course, straight away becomes Summerkid’s favourite. Differ from roasted pigeon served in many Chinese restaurant, Chef Toni ‘s version of roast pigeon is more chewy, laced with gamey hints. Like a cross between lamb and duck, but equally tasty.

Lamb Schnitzel, Mongolian Black Pepper, Iced Vegetables, by Chef James

You can easily come across Chicken Schnitzel in KL but for Lamb Schnitzel, probably not that common. Breaded and deep fried for a crispy layer, jacketing succulent meat locked with juiciness. Eat it original or dip with Mongolian black pepper, nice in both ways. And not to forget the iced vegetables – juicy, apple-like-crunchy-texture Soo good!

Pan Seared Foie Gras, Fried Canton Sakura, by Chef James

A rice dish specially created by Chef James to wrap up the mains. Fluffy Japanese rice, loaded with aroma from seaweed bits. Like! Pan Seared Foie Gras gracefully sits on top, added luscious touch to this dish.

Curry Leaf Infused Cream, Szechuan Pepper Strawberries, Jackfruit, by Chef Toni

Ended our meal with light dessert that clearly portrays the beauty of a East-meets-West dish. Thinly sliced strawberries marinated with Szechuan pepper overnight, dressed with curry leaf infused cream before served. Love the idea of having jackfruit. Looks just like garnishing but to our surprise, its well-rounded sweetness helps to heighten up the overall flavours in a very nice way.

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