Premier Clinic TTDI Asthetic Treatment Review: Carbon Laser Peel

Premier Clinic TTDI Face Asthetic Treatment review sharing. Something off the beaten track for our food & travel blog but read on for Summergirl first experience on Carbon Laser Peel.


Summergirl grows up having bad skin conditions on her face- Blackheads, large pores, sensitive & uneven skin tone, etc.. You should know this if you met her often. Even though with regular facials, trial and errors of different products, her skin doesn’t get better, sadly to say.

Recently, she gets really tense up with busy day job and packed food reviews, staying up late daily to cover unfinished work. She realizes her already not-so-good skin condition goes from bad to worse, when the colleagues starts forcing her to stop working during lunch hour and go for a nap; restaurants’ merchants telling her to “rest well, you look so tired” by the end of the review; some even asking: “You woke up at 5AM today ah? Why you look so tired one? What have you done? Being a girl, you shouldn’t look that pale!”  These words really hurt. Both full-time-job and blog posting have been keeping her really busy, but such “concerns” over her tired looking face aren’t something she wish to hear.

So she google-d up for some skin solutions, and came across Premier Clinic, one of the most reputable aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. Premier Clinic strives to provide everyone with advanced care in the field of aesthetic medicine, boosting confidence and outlook for all their patients. Be it a simple treatment or complicated process, professional teams in Premier Clinic will ensure you the best aesthetic care.

5 Reasons You should Visit Premier Clinic for Aesthetic Treatment

1)Professional Doctors

Dr. Elaine Chong, Dr. Aarthi Maria, Dr. Kee Yong Seng and Dr. Chen Tai Ho are always ready to provide advice and guide you through all the options available. If you were unsure of what is the best treatment for you, doctors will perform analysis with optimal treatments for you accordingly. Just drop by at their outlet in TTDI or Bangsar for consultation.

2) Professional and Friendly Customer Service Crew

Premier Clinic is contactable 7 days a week from 8am- 10pm. They stay closely with customers through different channels – chatroom at their websites, calls, SMS and WhatsApp. Always polite, helpful.

3) Wide Range of Aesthetic Services

Premier Clinic offer wide range of services under one roof, including treatment for (Click HERE for more info):

Fat / Weight Loss
Acne Scar
Active Acne
Wrinkles / Fine Lines
Pores & Texture
Pigmentation / Age Spot
Redness / Sunburn
Facial Sculpting / Contouring
Under Eye
Body Contouring
Permanent Hair Removal
Skin Lightening
Dull Skin
Saggy Skin
Hair Loss / Balding
Nail Fungal Infection
Tattoo Removal
Stretch Marks
Keloid Removal
Millia / Oil Seeds / Mole / Wart Removal
Fine Vines / Spider Veins
Anti Aging
Vaginal Rejuvenation

4)  Treatments with Modern, Safety Ensure Equipments

Premier Clinic is complete with sophisticated technology and equipments to ensure best possible results, minimal side effects for their patients. From carbon laser peel to fractional carbon laser, Botulinum Toxin Injection, Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler (Juvederm / Restylane), I-Grow Hair Laser System, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), LED Photomodulation Therapy, Permanent Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening & Lifting Laser, just to name a few.

5)Reasonable price, Promotions, and Easy Installment Plan

Apart from reasonable price for each aesthetic treatment session, Premier Clinic also offers 6, 12 and 24 months instalment easy payment scheme for most Malaysian credit cards. Save the worries of paying full amount at one go.

Premier Clinic has two branches currently, one in TTDI KL and another one in Telawi Bangsar KL. Summergirl visited Premier Clinic TTDI for aesthetic consultation with Dr. Elaine, a pretty, petite lady with friendly, soft voice. She suggested Summergirl to start with her pores problem using Carbon Laser Peel, a treatment that makes use of laser beams to treat various skin imperfections in general.

The mechanism of Carbon Laser Peel: The skin, which is covered with a layer of carbon, will be aimed by a focused laser beam. Clicking sound will be produced. Absorbing the laser beam due to its dark shade, the carbon particles will then be removed via a light vacuum which simultaneously removes the upper layer of skin which is damaged.

By generating thermal energy within the skin, fresh collagen will be produced while a fresh skin layer will be revealed. This will increase the rate of connective tissue growth significantly and the carbon particles exfoliate the skin, purifying the pores thoroughly. (Source of information from Premier Clinic website)

The Process: The process took about 45 minutes. Where first, they clean Summergirl’s face, then applied a layer of numbing cream and rest for 30 minutes. The cream is essential to numb the face skin for a short period, so that the pain during Carbon Laser Peel treatment will be lessen. Later, numbing cream was removed, a thin carbon layer was applied. Dr. Elaine started to perform the treatment, using advanced machine with focused laser beam. Completed within 5 minutes. The team helped to applied moisturiser and sunblock by the end of the treatment. Violaa.. smaller pores with brighter skin!

Personal Experience: Pain was bearable, like a mild “electric shock”. Numbing feeling continued for about two hours. Summergirl could barely talk that time but everything was OK later, proofed when she started to dig into her favourite ice cream happily.

Post Treatment: No downtime. You can carry on with your daily activities as usual. But of course, your skin need to be protected better within the two weeks. Just remember to avoid harsh sunlight, apply SPF50 sun cream at least, best is SPF90 sunblock.

Sessions needed: 5 to 8 sessions for complete treatment. But results may vary depends on personal face skin conditions. This was Summergirl first time experience on Carbon Laser Peel at Premier Clinic. Great one and will share more reviews if possible.

Looking for life savers for your skin? Make your aesthetic appointment now with Premier Clinic for professional, personalised consultation.

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