Akashi Puchong: Japanese BBQ by 大众烧肉 Taman Desa KL

Akashi, a new Japanese BBQ Restaurant run by the folks behind Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ Taisyu Yakiniku 大衆燒肉 Taman Desa KL, is now serving at Jalan Layang-layang 1, Puchong.

Comparing to eateries in central area of Bandar Puteri Puchong,  Puchong Jaya or Setia Walk, Akashi may not get the advantage in terms of location but we believe good food always worth the extra searching time to reach. Opened since April, Akashi Puchong is slowly picking up by now, and we expect to see more crowd in near future, enjoying hot-from-the-charcoal meat slices with a pint of beer.

Mix Organ Meat RM10

Food in Akashi Puchong is in line with their Taman Desa venture – cheap in price but no compromise in quality, satisfying taste. Menu is straightforward, putting together few cooked items, raw meat selections for grill and a page of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.

Pork Ramen RM10

Visited Akashi for a small gathering few weeks ago. Began with a bowl of hot ramen as it was a rainy night. Soup wasn’t towards thick, rich tonkotsu version but very comforting, with two slices of pork belly that earned high marks from us – balanced layers of fat and lean meat.

Gengiskhan RM20

Gengiskhan, signature dish in Akashi Japanese BBQ Restaurant. The dish arrived with dome shape skillet topped with lamb shoulder, and cabbage in a shallow trough filled with soup. Grilled the meat, had some of the fat and juices flowing down the trough, enhancing the soup flavours. Cabbage further lends in some sweetness, and violaa – the soup turned out to be very “jeng” (nice). Meat can be chewy, so be patient for the some jaw training. Portion was big at the price of only RM20.

Pork Belly RM10

Akashi encourages diners to grill meat on their own for best Japanese style BBQ experience – Hot flames, sizzling meat, oils of meat dripping down… Staffs are always ready to guide through if they need any helps.

Pork Neck RM10

Beef Short Rib RM25

For pork, you can have pork neck, pork belly, pork leg (inside) and pork shoulder loin. For beef, tuck into grilled beef brisket, beef short rib, beef steak or ribeye. In order to allow diners to taste the best original flavours, Akashi doesn’t pre-marinate these meat slices. Eat on its own, better with Akashi special dipping sauce.

Mushroom Foil Yaki RM10

Squid Foil Yaki RM13

Garlic Rice RM10

Garlic Rice was something that we enjoyed. Fluffy rice, helmed with aroma of chopped garlic plus crunch of deep fried pork lard bits – something that you don’t find everywhere for a bowl of Japanese Fried Rice.

Sake RM16

Kirin, Sapporo, Tiger, Tiger White, Guinness, or Heineken, pick your beer and cheers to a great night. We add on Ume Liquor and Sake apart from pints of Kirin. Green tea and soft drink are available too.

Overall review: Gengiskhan is must try. Grilled pork belly is our favourite. Suggest to order a plate of Kimchi to balance up the greasiness from meat. It worked and we ended up finishing three bowls haha.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Akashi BBQ ( Between 118 Kedai Buah-buahan Durian Fruit Trading and Snow Flake Food Court )
G2 Lot 5362,
Jalan Layang-Layang 1,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun (6pm – 12am)
Contact: 016-221-5093
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akashibbq/