Huawei P9: Groundbreaking Leica Dual-Camera Smartphone

Jump on the bandwagon and got ourselves the much-talked about Huawei P9, a dual-lenses smartphone co-engineered with Leica!

Being in this modern era where cyber space comes close in our daily life, we reach for our phone to take pictures so often and share on various social media platforms. We do this while travelling, during lunch hours, family dinner, friends gathering and so forth. Many rely on phone camera, hoping to get beautiful photos in just one touch – Quick, easy, high in quality.  Now, as Huawei P9 incorporates revolutionary mobile camera technology into this device, photos with excellent details, colours and close to professional is made achievable.

Huawei x Leica SUMMARIT Lenses
Huawei has partnered with Leica, the century old German camera maker in P9 series, introducing dual 12M rear cameras co-engineered with LEICA. It has two sensors – One RGB sensor to capture colours, and one monochrome sensor to capture detail and more light to output more vivid, stunning photos. Together with various professional photography effects, this built-in camera is undoubtedly, highlight for Huawei P9.

PRO Mode : Adjust ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and More
Summerkid cheers with joys seeing the PRO Mode, or manual mode in P9, which allows him to control shutter speed, ISO, aperture, auto-focus, exposure, white balance and etc. manually, like SLR. No worries being DSLR-less now, as our Huawei P9 comes handy to produce gorgeous shots. Captured a nice view of KLCC using the phone while hunting for Pokemon in KLCC Park last week. We can also save our pictures in RAW file, for easier post-editing.

AUTO MODE: Point & Shoot with Multi Features

Summergirl uses Auto Mode most of the time. Just point and shoot, Huawei P9 doesn’t disappoint. The laser auto focus system keeps the photos sharp with good contrast in a range of lighting conditions. Swipe up and down to switch between PRO and AUTO modes. Swipe to the left for SETTINGS, swipe to the right for MODES – and there’s where the fun comes in, getting access to modes like beauty, beauty video, panaroma, time lapse, video, slow-mo, HDR, monochrome mode, light painting and watermark.

Auto, Monochrome mode

Auto, Panaroma mode

Better Shots in Low Light with Less Noise

We usually don’t shoot outdoor photos at night using mobile phone because we will ended up having shaky photos with lots of noise. But when we tried out Huawei P9, we are glad with the outcome. Low light images are less grainy, better quality thanks to its 1.25µm pixel size of the dual-lenses with Huawei P9’s IMAGEsmart 5.0 technology.

Fun Photography at Night: Light Painting In One Touch

Gets more fun with Huawei one-of-its-kind camera features – Light Trails, Light Graffiti, Silky Water and Star Track. We especially love the Light Trails and Light Graffiti, something that you don’t get in other mobile phone brands currently, but Huawei Make It Possible. We are still learning up to get perfect Light Graffiti using torch light. Sharing with you our “hard work” in the meantime. The word is LOVE if you could figure out hahahaha

//Auto, light painting mode : Trails of light from moving cars near MRR2 KL//

//Auto, light painting mode: Outdoor Light graffiti at Night//

Wide Aperture Mode: The Dreamy, Bokeh Effect

Wide Aperture Mode in Huawei P9 helps to simulate Bokeh effect. The setting runs from f/0.95 to f/16 with live preview, the more shallow depth of field (the smaller the number), the blurrer the background. Still different from real DSLR aperture but the dreamy, soft background effect creates lovely images when comes to shooting certain subject, like food, natures and portraits.

Stylish body, Clear & Crisp 5.2″ FHD Screen

Dive deeper into the phone’s design and specifications, and check out more noteworthy parts of Huawei P9 besides the camera. It sports a 5.2inch Full HD, 1080p display with 96% colour saturation and high contrast, showing up clear, crisp, colourful images on screen.

Unibody aluminium, sleek and thin with only 6.95mm thickness, 144g in weight. It features Huawei Kirin 955 processor, powered up with 3000mA battery. P9 may not earn the crown for large battery life, but still, sufficient for general use. Since the device is smooth with almost no bumps at sides, the hand feel is slippery. But hey, Huawei is thoughtful enough to have P9 comes ready with phone cover in the accessories box. Clap hands.

The Cool Tips: Knock, Knock, Knuckle Gesture
We first played with Huawei Knuckle Gesture on Huawei Mate 8, and this Smart Assistance is available on Huawei P9 too. Instead of holding down the phone for screenshot, knock twice on the phone screen lightly and violaa, screenshot done.  Cool huh.

The Extraordinary : Fingerprint Sensor & TYPE C USB
Huawei P9 is one of the very few phones in market which enhances phone security with fingerprint sensor, unlock with ease in 0.5seconds. This feature appears like a square box at the back of the phone, below the dual-cameras. Type C USB port is unveiled in P9, right at the bottom of the phone next to single speaker, enabling fast charging.

In short, P9 doesn’t get the hype for no reason. The brand has taken a big step in mobile camera technology, putting high concerns on features and quality to reinvent smartphone photography while keeping the phone stylish with decent functions. Just, due to its metal body, the phone gets heated quite fast when using outdoor during daytime.