Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia Taiwanese-style Mooncake

Still thinking what mooncake to buy for your friends and family for upcoming Mid-Autumn festival? Come to Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia and grab a box of “Taiwanese style” mooncake range.

Donute’s Coffee & Cake Malaysia mooncake is a good option if you plan to enjoy mooncake other than usual baked skin mooncake and snow skin mooncake this year. Their mooncakes are our favourite, party styles with layers! Buttery and flaky, fill with both traditional and creative filling.

All mooncakes are freshly baked, available in a box of 9 at the price of RM58.50.

Flavours included are:
1. Red Bean Mochi Yolk 紅豆痲糍蛋黃酥
2. Red Bean Yolk 紅豆沙蛋黃酥
3. Matcha yolk 抹茶蛋黃酥
4. Sweet Potato Yolk 紫酥蛋黃酥
5. Mung Bean Fried Onion 油蔥酥綠豆蛋黃酥
6. White Lotus Yolk 白蓮蓉蛋黃酥
7. Taro Yolk 芋頭蛋黃酥

Our favourite goes to Red Bean Mochi Yolk, as it combines chewiness of mochi, along with red bean sweetness that pairs well into the pastry. Mung Bean Fried Onion is a big hit too! It has a taste akin to Tambun biscuit, more toward savoury. Those who love “Tau Sar Pneah” must give it a try!

Get them now in Donutes Coffee & Cake Malaysia outlets!