Bocosan Izakaya Bangsar South KL: More Than Just Japanese Izakaya

Bocosan Izakaya, being the latest addition to Bangsar South Kuala Lumpur, sets to create a fresh new take to Kuala Lumpur Japanese dining scene.

Food may be your highest attention when comes to dining in a restaurant, and yeah, Bocosan Izakaya certainly doesn’t disappoint as they leverage the art and taste of Japan into every dish, presented by talented Executive Chef Mitsugu Iwashiro hails from Hiroshima, Japan.

Personally, we would say that, here at Bocosan, come for the food, stay for the environment – and have a drink, to chill longer. The space carries both casual and elegance elements of medium to high-end fine Japanese restaurants at the first glance, but as we sat down and dive deeper into the ambience, we began liking this place that extends beyond just trend.

High ceilings with oak timber paneling, facades that comprises timber panels and screens to the reference of a traditional Japanese house design, further furnished with Terrazzo floors, patterned ceramic floor tile, marble table top, fresh flowers and green potted plants, dining wares in contrasting shade yet pleasingly match in whole – Bocosan Izakaya interior’s is a melding of modern contemporary with Japanese architecture details. Thoughtfully decorated, yet keeping the beauty of minimalism at its best.

And there you go, our food arrived when we were still admiring the giant paper lantern lamps. We were told that it is imported from Japan. How we wish our home is large enough to “accommodate” this lovely Japanese lamp. Lol.

Started with Truffle Chawanmushi RM29.

There isn’t many Japanese restaurants in KL serving good chawanmushi. The one that we like didn’t receive much attention and closed down few years back. Bocosan Izakaya version is decently curated- silky smooth, soft, easily melt in the mouth. We don’t mind putting this as one of our top list. Dig in and discover seafood treasure, and luxurious taste from truffle oil and sliced truffle that clocks in just nice to heighten up the overall flavours, pronounced enough but not overwhelmed.

“This is a pretty salad”. Guess you wouldn’t disagree with us.

Bocosan Izakaya Bonsai Salad RM29 definitely lives up to its name, gathering Japanese herbs and fresh greens in a pastel colour pot – just like a bonsai. Simple, refreshing vegetable with tangy sweet apple dressing, eating salad at Bocosan is not boring.

Chef Sashimi RM65

Bocosan Izakaya menu boasts a delicious list of sharing appetizers, sashimi, sushi, teishoku, noodles set. Expect to see a wider selections boasts with Bocosan own uniqueness as they expand their dinner set and Izakaya outdoor dining in near future.

For set lunch menu, we highly recommend Bocosan Wagyu Beef Don, Saba No Shioyaki and Gindara Saikyo Miso Yaki – char grilled saikyo miso-marinated cod fillet. Our Saba No Shioyaki RM42 was amazing. Whole Norwegian mackeral, lightly rubbed with sea salt and put to charcoal-grill. Aromatic, partially charred surface, shielding meaty soft fish meat locked with moisture. Sooo good!

Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish, it helps to amplifies the taste. Served with Bocosan signature rice, miso soup, salad, appetizer and dessert. Portion is hearty enough to serve for 2 if you are smaller eater.

Diners who prefers noodles dishes can opt for Bocosan Cold Ramen RM45, Bone-in Short Rib Ramen RM75, Crispy Kaki Age Udon RM35 or Chicken Chashu Ramen RM37.

This crispy, cracker-like seasonal vegetable deep fried with sakura ebi tempura from our Kaki Age Soba RM35 is a big favourite, presenting something usual in a different way. Creativity within authenticity with no compromise on the great taste.

Suggest to give the Kaki Age a quick dip in the soup before tucking in. It will absorb the flavours of the broth, which uses over 40 hours to prepare.

Complete your meal with a wide selection of wines, beers, cocktail and sake…

…and end with something sweet. Dessert varieties is kept small, but still satisfying with our favourite Mizu Shingen Mochi RM18 (Japanese raindrop jelly, roasted soy bean powder, black sugar syrup) on the list, along with vanilla ice cream with daigakuimo (fried Japanese sweet potato) RM15, Kuro Goma Ice cream (black sesame ice cream) RM15, Matcha Ice cream RM15, Fruit Anmitsu (fresh fruits, jelly, artisanal green tea ice cream, mochi, red bean paste, kuromitsu) RM27.

Bocosan Izakaya

Unit G-2A & Ground Floor,
Vertical Podium, Avenue 3, Bangsar South City
No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 – 2242 2316
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat (11.30AM – 3.00PM) **Last Call at 2:30 PM**
Mon – Sat (5.30PM–10.00 PM) **Last Call at 9:30 PM**
Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday